Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Cast Your Vote, Choose Your Leader"


Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah, we have been given the opportunity to witness the new leaders that could lead us either into a better educational-environment or the worst. The choice is upon you and my hand. SRC general election is back!

Today, it would be the day for us to vote, as other universities in Malaysia had done their votes, choosing their next leader. This election is a training for us students in order to prepare us for the national election in the near future. Through this election, we learn not only to vote, but also to make a wise decision. Putting a trust into our next leader.

IIUM has 62 candidates for 31 seats for national students while international students have 6 candidates for 5 seats. In Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences (KENMS) we have four candidates awaits to be elected for 2 seats available in each kulliyah.

To choose our leader, is not just based on their appearances, we have to take other criteria into consideration. Understand the manifesto given by the candidates is not a 100% guarantees that the candidates is the best leader. However, manifesto is the means to know what the candidates offer to us. Learn their background, attitudes as well as how they treats their colleagues and friends. Hopefully, through these, we knew that we have make the wise decision. For our KENM future.

Labeling people as 'Pro-Aspirasi' or 'Pro-Mahasiswa' and cast votes based on this criterion is not a sensible as what we expected from an intelligent and intellectual university students. Choose your leader according to their character, charisma, responsibility and accountability. Our leader should not be the 'exclusive' one, but our leader should be a person that could reach everyone, that we are not afraid to approach.

Yet again, the decision is yours. We still have ample time to cast our votes. Let do our responsibility

"Cast your vote, Choose your leader"