Friday, August 31, 2012

Student Prospects on Financial Aids

Often students found among the problems they encountered during their life as a student is financial difficulties; academic fees, accommodation fees, books and stationery, and living expenses. Many associations tried to help students as to reduce the burden in order for the students to be able to focus more on their studies.
Thus, several options provided for students to utilize and help them further their studies. I would like to highlight two points that recently become a ‘hot topic’ among students themselves as well as government and other related parties.
Firstly, issue of PTPTN and it significance. Since 1997 until 2012, there have been a lot of controversial of this issue. First, related to the interest that being imposed to the borrower; students. The rationale of the interest is to cover the administration expenses; however, the interest is high far than reasonable. Many complains occurs and the chairman of PTPTN, Datuk Ismail Mohamed Said reduce the interest after consulting the expert. Nevertheless, the numbers of students that fail to pay the loan are high.
Again, PTPTN revise the systems for the borrowers to be able to make the payments. Few methods suggested such as, reducing monthly repayment, lengthening the repayment period, postponing the start of repayment time, and lowering and eliminating interest. Moreover, students graduate with 1st class are exempted to pay the loan. This could encourage students to study harder.

Secondly, students can rejoice as government is providing new facilities that would be implementing immediately on the September, 2012; first term of new semester. It is named as 1 Malaysia Student Discount Card (KADS1M). This card will be distributed through respected universities for free. However upon losing the card, student needs to pay RM2 to replace it.
The advantages of this KADS1M are, students could enjoy up to 60% for any purchases of foods, books and stationeries, sport equipments, clothing, clinics, optometry, IT products, and many more at any stores that collaborates with KADS1M programme. It was reported that 51 companies already sign a contract with government as an indication of supporting government intention to lessen students’ difficulties. Any inquiries on this programme, click this link:
Students should use this opportunity wisely and especially to improve their study. PTPTN and other scholars give them chance to further their study in higher education. While there still some argument on the significance of PTPTN, we can’t deny that through PTPTN, more students have the opportunity to further their study. Given KADS1M to students, could help them to save more money as they are given with lowest possible price for any facilities they wished to use. This could help them to pay the PTPTN after finish their study.